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Bynum Septic Services is your local septic tank pumping and cleaning company focused on client satisfaction and driven to be the top septic service provider near you.

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septic repair

High-Quality Septic Tank Repair 

Our family-owned septic system services and repair company has been providing solutions for residential and commercial properties near Lawrenceville and Lilburn GA for decades. You will only get the highest quality repair services from Bynum Septic. We thoroughly inspect, accurately quote, and professionally offer septic system repairs based on our findings. Our repairs and services are tailor-made to your specific septic system, so contact us to find out what our septic system experts can do for you:

septic tank repair

Residential Septic Tank Repair

For homes with garbage disposals, your septic system could be having a hard time breaking down solids along with the liquid waste. Enzymes and good bacteria need time to break down waste in your septic tank, but overflow or uneven levels are normal. When you find your septic tank failing, let a professional handle your septic tank repair. We’re near Lilburn and Lawrenceville, GA, and provide fast and reliable repairs, cleanings, pumpings, and maintenance for your residential septic tank.

Commercial Septic Tank Repair

If your business or commercial building has a septic tank, have Bynum Septic be the system professional to fix it. We offer preventative repairs and maintenance appointments that fit your schedule. We specialize in lift stations, system remediation, grease trap pumping, and more for our commercial septic tank repairs and services. In property management, restaurants, and other commercial properties, septic systems repair and maintenance are vital to keeping your business odor-free and fully operational in Lawrenceville, GA, and Lilburn, GA.

Essential Drain Line and Field Repair

If all the drains in your home or business are slow and the use of a plunger does not work on your slow toilet, it’s time to call Bynum Septic. Consistent slow drainage may be a problem with your drain line. 

Along with drain line repair, we offer drain field repair as well. When your drain field isn’t working with your septic system, we will inspect your residential or commercial property, test your soil, and recommend the appropriate repairs. Without a properly functioning drain field, you may experience different issues on your residential or commercial property. 

Contact Bynum Septic for Septic Tank Repair!

Avoid a major backup in your septic system, and contact Bynum Septic for residential or commercial septic tank repair. For 25 years we’ve been serving Lilburn and Lawrenceville, GA with care and respect, so don’t hesitate to call 470-365-2095 for a repair, service, or maintenance appointment. 

If you need emergency services, contact us right away! We understand the need for quick action when your septic system shows signs of a backup, blockage, or leak.


Do you offer 24-hour emergency septic tank services?

Yes, we do! We respond to any type of septic tank emergency if it’s after hours or on the weekend. See our Emergency Service page for more information on the septic tank services Bynum Septic offers near you.

Your septic tank repair cost could vary anywhere from $200 to $2,000 depending on what part of your septic tank or lines needs to be repaired or replaced. Major repairs can cost more, but we never know until we perform a thorough inspection so we can accurately quote you a septic tank repair estimate.

When we look into your septic system for measurements, if the solid waste or sludge is 12 inches from the bottom of the tank, you need septic tank pumping.

The following are other signs that your septic tank is full and needs immediate professional septic services attention:

  • You hear gurgling sounds in the plumbing system.
  • There are bad odors around the septic tank.
  • All of your sinks, baths, and showers drain very slowly.
  • Your toilet clogs or rises consistently with no help from a plunger.
  • The grass around the septic tank is getting greener and taller. 
  • There are damp spots near the drain field area. 
  • Your yard constantly has puddle spots.
  • There are high levels of coliform bacteria in the water wells.
  • Water and sewage from your toilet, your sinks, and your drains are backing up into your home.
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