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Licensed and Insured Lift Station Pumping 

A lift station pumps wastewater from low to high elevation when the area is too compact, or if the septic system is in a low-lying area. It has two main elements: the wet well and the controls. The wet well temporarily stores wastewater until it is ready to be discharged or pumped. Controls signal the lift station when the well is full and move wastewater to higher ground.

Most lift stations operate underground, so it takes a professional to handle the efficiencies and potential dangers a lift station has. We have trained technicians at Bynum Septic who can handle any level of lift station pumping and cleaning. We pump the wet well and clean the pumps, electronic controls, and electrical system of a lift station for better operation.

If the station is not pumped on a routine basis, it could cause your lift station to be ineffective. Contact us for lift station repair, commercial lift station installation, and lift station maintenance near Lawrenceville, Lilburn, and the surrounding areas

Lift Station Pump Repair

We understand the significance of repairing lift stations swiftly in the event of a malfunction to prevent costly damages to properties. In a lift station-based septic system, the pump is crucial for the system to function properly. Therefore, it is vital to have an annual inspection of the pump to verify its functionality. In case of pump failure, the system should have an alarm to alert you, or we can promptly install one for you.

Lift Station Pump Cleaning

Keep the status and levels of your lift stations in good condition with our specialized lift station cleaning. We offer general cleaning as part of our lift station maintenance service, but specialized lift station cleaning requires our skilled lift station technicians to properly pump and clean sewage build-up and solid waste blockage. We will inspect all lift station components to ensure they are in proper working order, including pumps, check valves, floats, electrical motor-control equipment, and more.

Commercial Lift Station Pump Installation

Lift stations are more common for commercial properties. If your business has a septic system that’s been neglected, contact us right away. We will recommend a lift station that better assists your septic system after our thorough inspection of your current lift station.

Interested in how a lift station can work for your commercial property? The choice of whether or not to have a lift station will largely depend on the gradient of your land. Let your local Bynum Septic service company assist you in commercial lift station installation. We are licensed and insured to install residential and commercial lift stations. 

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When you need a new septic tank installation, Bynum Septic is the one to call! We strive for guaranteed satisfaction in our work and with the results of your new septic system. Our skilled septic tank installation specialists can evaluate your property and recommend either a conventional or advanced septic system installation. Reach out for a septic tank installation estimate!

Lift Station Maintenance

We encourage lift station owners to adhere to a maintenance schedule to ensure your lift station operates with zero to minimal issues on a consistent basis. We work with property managers and any industrial and commercial business schedule to resolve the levels within a septic tank quickly and efficiently.

Commercial and Industrial Lift Station Maintenance Includes:

  • Lift Station Grinder Pump Removal
  • Debris Removal
  • Pumps, Valves, and Pipes Inspections
  • General Cleaning
  • Infiltration and Remediation Assessment
  • Test Cycling
  • Accuracy Readings

Contact Bynum Septic for our lift station pump and services. Our repairs, installations, and maintenance procedures are flexible, and we’re more than willing to work with your home or business schedule. Our licensed and insured septic service company ensures prompt and efficient solutions for your septic system, no matter how big or small. Contact us today!


What is the difference between a lift station and a pump station?

The difference between a lift station and a pump station are designed with the same concept but pump very different things. A pump station is installed to lift water, not sewage, to the above ground while a lift station is designed for pumping sewage or waste material to a higher elevation.  

Why do lift stations have two pumps?
How often should you clean your lift stations?
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