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septic tanks Dacula GA

Top-Rated Septic Services in Dacula, GA

Has it been five or more years since your septic tank was last pumped? Then you need to schedule a septic service! Waiting too long between having a septic tank pumping or cleaning can result in costly damage or health risks for your family. Instead, partner with the local experts at Bynum Septic to schedule septic tank pumping near Dacula, GA!

We also offer a full range of Dacula septic services, including:

Emergency Septic Tank Pumping Near Dacula, GA

After years of collecting all the sludge and effluent from your home, your septic tank can back up, creating major sanitary issues and health risks for your family. This is when Bynum Septic is available with emergency septic pumping in Dacula, GA! Our after-hours septic services ensure your potential disaster is addressed quickly as we provide septic pumping, cleaning, and inspections. Our septic tank services are fast, insured, and guaranteed. Contact us quickly if you notice any of the following issues!

Signs That You Need Emergency Septic Pumping

  • Toilets take a long time to flush.
  • Sewage is backing up into your home.
  • Your drains are slow or backed up.
  • You notice a foul smell from your drains.
  • Your lawn is soggy or flooded.

When you notice any of the above issues in your home, schedule emergency septic pumping near Dacula, GA, with Bynum Septic. We will work quickly to pump and clean your septic tank and prevent further problems for your home.

septic tank pumping Dacula GA

We Offer Complete Septic Inspections

Like many other home systems, your septic tank needs regular inspections to ensure it is in good condition to work for your home. We recommend inspections every 2-4 years for small households (1-4 people) and every 1-2 years for larger households (5 or more people). Regular inspections help prevent sewage backups and reduce wear and tear on your system from undiagnosed issues. 

Our septic inspections include:

  • Locating, opening, and inspecting all septic tank parts
  • Checking for sewage leaks, odors, or vegetation
  • Evaluating drain lines
  • Checking solid sludge levels in the tank

All these septic inspection steps help ensure that your septic system is in the best shape to keep your home safe! Book your septic inspection today with Bynum Septic by calling 678-671-5317 or filling out our website form

Septic Tank Installation

Is your aging septic tank starting to cause frequent issues, or do you have a new construction project that needs new septic tanks? Partner with Bynum Septic for septic tank installation in Dacula, GA! Working with an experienced, qualified septic tank installation company ensures you get the best results for your septic tank system. 

Before installing your new septic tank, we will walk you through the best products, placement, and volume for your system. We’re here to help you make the best choice for the long-term health of your home or business. Contact us for a free estimate on complete septic system replacement near Dacula, GA!

Call Us for Residential and Commercial Septic Pumping

Bynum Septic is a family-owned septic company that has been serving the Dacula area for 25 years. In every appointment and project, our goal is to serve residential and commercial clients with the best local septic services. From septic tank pumping to drain cleaning, our trained experts are ready to serve you. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate on complete system replacement or book emergency septic pumping near Dacula, GA! It would be our pleasure to serve your home or business.

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